Mixed Use 160 ac Master Plan

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  • Mixed Use 160 ac Master Plan

    People Places Design Inc. was engaged to provide planning and design for this commercial / office / residential development.

    Role: All design and drawing work, including the concept and sketch of the town green.
  • Early concept sketch
  • The single family lots along the upper right waterfront incorporate Radburn-inspired lots fronting onto the water and sharing a back lane with the single family narrow lots in the middle.
  • The town green has both a strong connection to the waterfront board walk and ground level retail, creating a vibrant local community destination with a strong pedestrian emphasis. The central green is simple but very versatile, providing shade and sun, a wedged berm for solitary activities like lounging or sunbathing, and a sunken area accommodating social activities like picnicking, markets, performances, and winter skating.