Mitos Swimwear

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    MITOS, a contemporary fashion brand, combines embroidery traditions with modern designs to create high-end swimwear. 
    The logo pictures the labyrinth from the classical myth of Ariadne’s mitos, which means roll of thread in Greek. A closer look reveals a rose, representation of femininity and boldness. The implicit mystery and confidence are literally underlined by a needle, the ultimate embroidery symbol. 
  • The MITOS logo has a variety of applications. It can be found embossed on the business card,
    stitched on the packaging or printed on the company’s brochure.
  • Business card
  • MITOS first collection in 2012-2013 featured cross-stitch designs inspired by the colors and shapes of Mediterranean flower patterns found on embroidered pillows and other traditional home decorations around Greece, Italy and Spain.
  • Photography: Konstantinos Coutayar
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  • The MITOS promotional stand adds an elegant note to sampling and showcases the effort put forth by
    the company in choosing the best materials. Embroidery designs and fabric choices for each season are attractively displayed to the potential wholesale buyers.
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