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2011. I mirrored and edited it in Ps, then I printed, painted it.

My project...

Searching ourself, searching our identity has been always my basic subject, I might as well say since my adolescence. I have been concerned about the symmetry in arts for ages, but my new project was born from the knead of this 2 things just in this year.Specifically I am interested in the beauty or the distortion of the symmetry.Many says, that the most beautiful people is whose both of the side of their face are almost the same.I would like to refute this "fact" with face mirroring, and show how distorted the result is.
Thinking about it, the "almost the same" is not equal with the "symmetric", however we can think there is a thin line between the two wordings. But in practice it comes to light that the differences are huge.The mirrored faces give born to other questions:- Is it really beautiful, or does only the symmetry mean the beauty?- Can the symmetry represent our identity, uniqueness?- Can it express our feelings and thoughts?- If yes, then is it equal with the expressions of the asymmetric face?
I think the answer for the last question is: no. But if no, then where should we count this? Maybe to a totally new mimicking system.If we mirror the both side of a face, we can get 2 other faces. So every people has minimum 3 faces.I try to analyse this world of colourful, symmetric identities, and project it onto paper.
For this picture i used this stock photo , then i edited in Ps, printed, and made a draw and painted on it.

the photo was taken by Regine: