Mirrored Cities

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    I first started playing with "montage" images in the late 70's when I would sandwitch two underexposed transparencies to see what it looked like. I was a fan of the pop artist Victor Vaserely and when Photoshop came along I asked a friend to take one of my photographs of a building in Sydney and paste it up.
    All my peers told me that it was a waste of a good image and not to mess about with pictures which are ok and dont need anything else.
    However I continue to see some of my pictures as suitable for this sort of treatment and on recent trips to Dubai -  I went into overdrive.
  • Sheil Zayed Road #1
  • Sheik Zayed #2
  • Sydney Office block
  • Waverly station Edinburgh
  • Spanish Staircase
  • Hilton Hotel
  • JLT - Dubai
  • Jumeira Dubai
  • Dubai Marina
  • Infinity Tower
  • Singapore
  • Sheik Zayed Detail
  • Infinity Tower - #3 - Dubai
  • Emirates Airlines in-flight magazine featured my morrored images on the front cover and in nine DPS.
    This encouraged me to brush up on my Photoshop semi-skills and look at applying images to architectural features , fashion and other areas.
  • JLT Metro station on  a Boeing 777
  • Sheik Zayed Road and Infinity Tower on a night out
  • On the staff and on the trains