• MinuteClinic - Brand Development

    I was pleased to be part of the development of the MinuteClinic brand a few years back when it was created at FAME - A Retail Branding Agency. MinuteClinic was the first to establish the walk-in clinic model. No appointment necessary. No germ infested waiting rooms. Just walk in, get checked out and receive the appropriate treatment to get better.

    Because it was a new business model at the time, we had to do a fair amount of education about the business itself, as well as the services offered throughout the first couple years of brand development. Because of this, the copywriting had to do a lot of the heavy lifting. In tandem with the educational copy, we had to visually portray the brand as friendly, credible and progressive. We accomplished this with cheerful photography, informative iconography and fun illustration. 

    Client: CVS
    Project: MinuteClinic Brand Development
    Agency: FAME
    CD: Bruce Edwards
    Writer: Julie Feyerer
    Photography: Bob McNamara

  • Print Collateral
  • Educational Brochure
  • Clinic Wall Posters
  • 1,000,000th Visitor Logo
  • Flu Shot Campaign
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