Minus – Typeface & Specimen Book

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  • Minus is a minimalistic modular san serif typeface. It features letterforms with missing strokes. This typeface is designed to push the boundaries of what defines reading type.

    inspiration: The typeface is inspired by Minimalism, not the movement born in New York in the 1960s but John Baskerville’s minimalistic ideas. He is famed for his serif typeface Baskerville but above all was his revolutionary book designs. He stripped the pages off embellishments that do not serve the reader any purpose and only information useful to the reader was given a place on his page. His new approach to book design in 18th century England makes him a true Minimalist, a precursor of the movement, a man who as ahead of his time.

    craft: The hand-bound specimen book shows how the typeface is designed and demonstrates it. The clean and minimal look is also translated in the design of the book and tactile interaction of it. Simplicity is beauty.
    Minus is a typeface that captures the essence of letterforms, it houses no more than enough.