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Artist statement is present immediately before body of work
A certain phenomenon exists in communication, language, and art. It is the phenomenon of "between the lines". In communication and language it can be clearly seen in the body, heard in the voice, and felt with the pen. It is a feeling that is bestowed and received with both a certain indirectness, and directness. It is a happening on the level of walking past an attractive person, and having a brief interaction with them in passing, which you feel strongly about even though few words were exchanged, little time was spent interacting, and hardly any effort was put into this somehow ethereal experience. Much can be understood from the saying, or doing of very little.Hearing the unsaid. Seeing the unpainted. Touching the unmade. Tasting the unprepared, and smelling the scentless. We do these things on a daily basis whether we know it or not.
This set of photographs is a literal look into this phenomena. Particularly into the visual aspect of it. The mind knows what it sees, even when clarity is not present. Just as sometimes when someone tells you something, or asks you something, and the first thing you say is "what?", and then immediately after saying "what?" you respond, or answer the question that was asked of you. The question is then, do you know what you are looking at?