Minnetonka Moccasin Shoe Box

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  • Minnetonka Moccasin Shoe Box
    Packaging Design
  • This project encouraged me to think of a new way to box shoes. I knew right away that I wanted to promote reusing the box in a fun way. My box is glueless and reversible. Once the customer reverses the box, they are able to decorate it with stickers, stencils and markers. They are encouraged to reship it as a care package to a friend. The shoe box comes with a smaller box that includes the stickers, stencils and shipping labels. There is a QR code for the consumer to share their own designs online.

    The box is screen printed with various patterns. I also redesigned the logo to give the brand an update.
  • Top of shoe box
  • Bottom of shoe box
  • Close-up shoe box label
  • Shoes in the box
  • Moccasin boots
  • Front of interactive box
  • Back of small interactive box
  • What's inside?
  • Decorating the box
  • Adding vinyl stickers
  • Reversing the box
  • Closing shoe box
  • Full die-line
  • Logo Redesign