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  • Do you know, Marie Antoinette never really uttered the words, "Let them eat cake"?
    It was written even before she was royalty by the political philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau in his autobiography “Confessions”. Either he coined this term himself, or was referring to Maria-Thérèse, who had lived about 100 years before and was the wife of Louis XIV. Either way this term was used to refer to the French aristocrats' indifference and ignorance of the plight of the poor.
    So how did these words end up on Marie Antoinette's lips? Simply because the people of France hated her. If you read up on her history, you’ll find most of this loathing was primarily because she was an easy and very visible target to vent their rage against the French aristocracy on, as well as some rumors of her self-indulgent acts and lavish spending.
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