• Hydrobike.
    Concept Bike, specifically designed for a  gaming company based in Germany.
    Modelled and Rendered using Maxon Cinema4D. 
  • Branding. 
    A branding project for Stretch Live. Designed Casestudies PDF Doc, business cards and a brand guidlines doc to fit in with the companies new identity. Initial layouts designed using photoshop and illustrator for Stretch Live, a production and events company.
  • Jamaican Olympic Creation / Cedella Marley.
    Space Visually designed for the Jamaican Olympics Collection. 
    Modelled and Rendered using  Maxon Cinema 4D/ Photoshop and illustrator. 
  • JOA Press Conference / Stage Design.
    Initial stage design for the JOA Press conference, plus renders of the space layout.
    Modelled and Rendered using  Maxon Cinema 4D. 
  • Poster Design.
    Sometimes to understand the meaning of something you must experience its inexistence. 
    I created a set of posters highlighting the importance of graphic design in our world.
  • Bowers & Wilkins / Product Display Unit.
    Conceptual design proposals for Bowers and Wilkins. Units are designed to display  specific speakers at a launch party. Each unit designed to contain a light box to light up products. 
    Modelled and rendered using Maxon Cinema 4D.
  • MP & SILVA - Exihibtion Stand.
    The brief was to design a proposal for an exhibition stand for MP & Silva. Upper floor would be covered with an infiatable structure for ease of assembling and dissambling for travelling purposes. Fitted with touch screen monitors and MP & SILVA lettering for seats. The ground floor would be served as an introduction and information area. The whole structure branded with MP & Silva. Modelled and Rendered using Cinema 4D and Photoshop. 
  • Graphic Visuals.
    Set of visuals were designed to be printed on promotional postcards for a production company. 
    Each visual was created in photoshop and contains secret branding of the company.