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  • Discover Pili Pop
    Babble Planet is a social game for kids aged 6 and up, to learn spoken English and interact with children from all over the world.

    Art Director: Soiny Duval
    Buisness Manager : Eugène Ernoult
    Programmers : Elsa Prieto, Paloma Sodeau
    Community Manager : Kean Paker
    Japan's Home Screen
  • Main Menu : Welcome in Japan
    Let's find in the app the hided animations into the scene !
  • Mini Games' assets
  • Olympic Champion
  • Sushi Chief
  • Weather Paintings
  • Family Souvenirs
  • Robots Factory
  • Welcome Screens Refonte
  • India's welcome screen
  • Mexico's welcome screen
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    Specials thanks to the babble team for the great work done together ! /o/