• Mini Chase

    Not wishing to have a ‘stand and stare’ Mini display at the 2006 SydneyMotor Show we built an off-site Cop & Robbers chase setting that allowedconsumers to experience the thrill and power of Mini’s legendary handling. This was a first in this category in Australia.

    Professional drivers whipped consumers around a custom designed coursein highly tuned ‘works’ Minis. In-car cameras captured their adrenalin rush andthe footage was emailed to them. Afterwards customers were offered a test drive.For those who needed to calm down, an outdoor bar chill-out area offered theperfect setting.

    Results included 1500 passengers, 70 on-the-spot test drives, 200immediate dealer leads and numerous sales. Mini Chase also gained widespreadmedia coverage including news and breakfast TV, newspapers, radio and marketingpress.