Minette Branding and Identity Guidelines

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  • Minette Branding and Identity Guidelines
    Going along with wind and whim.
  • We named and created a brand for a soon-to-be-launched chocolate brand that celebrates life's little luxuries — like chocolate. 

    The client wanted a brand that was whimsical yet luxurious to target the “fun-loving, white collared demographic who appreciate the finer things in life.” Their plan is to launch several FMCG product lines under this brand, so the brand needs to work across various price points. The biggest challenge was that the competitive landscape was extremely crowded and that the client really wanted the brand to stand out. The other challenge was to build in flexibility into the brand so that it works on a thoughtless impulse buy as well as a chocolate gift box designed to impress.

    Featured on 
    Identity Designed, 12 January 2012

    Brand New Awards, 28 March 2012
    Logo (Professional) / Guidelines (Professional)
  • As it was a retail brand, it was important that we created a distinctive mark within a robust identity system that can be refreshed seasonally without being diluted. To achieve that we created a chevron pattern with four seasonal colour palettes, with plans to add more as required.
  • The wordmark was modified from an existing script to look fresh, youthful and disarming. The logo, a hot-air balloon, adds a touch of whimsy. It is also a symbol of freedom; being carefree, autonomous, able to act on a whim — the ultimate luxury for most.
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