Mind the type

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    Mind the Type
    Experimental Typography
    I was asked to produce a piece of experimental typography for one of my last university
    projects before degree show 2013 based on a famous quote taken out of its context and
    presented in a creative style.
    I chose a well known slogan by British supermodel Kate Moss said back in 2009 in an
    interview with fashion website WWD as one of her favourite life mottos namely "Nothing
    Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels" with which she caused an outrage and was immediately
    condemned by critics and campaigners including the groups Say No to Size Zero and
    Beating Eating Disorders (BEAT) fighting to abolish the cult of stick-thin models. They
    claimed that as a role model to millions of girls and young women her words could lead
    to more instances of eating disorders.
    So I played around with every single letter from the quote using various materials and
    methods to form and build them in a creative, understanding experimental way to finally
    compose a typographic poster turned into an eating disorders awareness campaign
    featuring the logo of the famous British association dealing with eating disorders BEAT.
    I went for this kind of approach to be able to both experiment with type as much as
    possible but at the same time produce smth that can be practically used for advertising
    for example.
    target audience
    young girls and women with modeling career desires, prone to severe
    dieting with high risk of being easilly affected by such carelessly said words said
    especially by role models like Kate Moss.
    possible poster locations
    schools, universities, female public and school toilets, food courts in shopping malls, cafes, some night clubs
    with each letter of the quote I am expressing
    1.things people with eating disorders typically eat
    2.general knowledge, well-known facts, habits and basic objects visually associated in one way or another with
    such disorders
    3.physical and pshychological consequences and damages as a result of them
    intended reaction
    Mind the thin line between a normal diet and an eating disorder and
    be disgusted by the brutality of some of the representations of the letters especially
    the health damage ones that are inevitable if you have such a disorder.
    so the letters follow as first in their order in the final poster in ''nothing'', then ''tastes'', ''as good as'', ''skinny'' and ''feels'' with explanation of the idea behind the style of the letter
    Thanks for your appreciation.