Milk Packaging

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  • Milk Packaging / Clowns
    Packaging, Illustration, Typography
  • Brief
    Get to know the serif typeface history, structure and expression and be able to apply it. 

    Base your project on a music genre. You will through creative methods find a letter/word that you will dramatize through illustrative techniques, colors and composition. The expression you end up with will become a milk carton decor. You will use serif typeface; old style, transitional or modern. Use upper-case or lower-case letters, and choose between light/medium/bold thickness. The letter/word you choose can be repeated, reversed and rotated, scaled up etc. The composition may challenge the readability.

    School assignment.
  • The Scary and Sweet Clowns. "Kalle Klovn". Vector graphic made in illustrator CS5, 3D-modeling made in photoshop CS5.
  • "Kalle Klovn"
    I chose to base my project on children's music, where I focused on the character "Kalle Klovn" (the name of Charlie Chalk in norwegian) and his theme song. My key words were; playful, colorful and childish. I wanted to visualize movement and playfullness with the letters, and tried to use a lot of space, making the milk carton exiting for the kids. On the second sketces I chose to use the top of the milk carton more active; put the clowns nose on the cap. To keep the playfullness of the letters I made the clowns into puppeteers.
  • The Sweet Clown
  • The Scary Clown