• Mikosa Book
    Mikosa 2005+2011
  • In the past six years Hello, Savants! together with GLGP have been running Mikosa Foundation, a no profit organization with the aim to promote art and free expression. Events, publications and public interventions were the tools to achieve it.
    This book recollects part of the work published in the magazine and gives a inner look to the process involved.
    Mikosa Magazine was born as a low profile fanzine, reproduced through photocopy and then manually assembled. It was conceived by a passion for sketches and drawings and resembled a two dimensional playground for a six step network of artists. For each issue, ten artists were invited to fill four pages in an A4 format. While color scheme and format were dictacted, these details aside, artists were free to fill the pages as they desired. Each issue was then printed in 250 editions and each copy of Mikosa was rendered a unique object by a hand painted cover, creating a series of limited editions that always represent a 1/1.
    70 artists from around the world collaborated to the 7 issues that were released.