Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse

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  • Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse
    Optimized for Windows 8
    Experience Architect and Lead Industrial Designer
    Designed to bring the touch centric UI of Windows 8 alive for mouse users. The Sculpt Comfort Mouse takes a familiar mouse experience and adds to it fun and functional affordances that make navigating Windows 8 more efficient without a touch screen.
    As Lead Industrial Designer and Experience Architect on this program, I was responsible for defining the end to end experience as well as realizing it through design. I collaborated deeply with the Windows software team, hardware interaction designers and researchers and mechanical and electrical engineering teams to bring the vision of the best mouse experience in Windows 8 to life.
    The resulting product is one that is aesthetically pure and feature rich; it highlights the newest and most useful functionality in Windows 8 in order to be both a great partner within Microsoft and a great mouse for our customers.