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  • Branding for Micromedia
    MICROMEDIA was founded having as a main purpose and ultimate target of its existence the creation and projection of a picture to the market of a company that complies with the requirements of the modern business world and by doing so assists its current and future customers to achieve their own business goals. Their people have been selected on the basis of their professional skills,experience, communication ability and above all their strong believes in business ethics and values. Their products and services offered to the total of their clientele, will place their company at the top of the relevant market. They will seek their future growth through the numbers of satisfied customers who are and will be the ultimate target of their business philosophy. The people of the company in all departments have been employed with one only requirement. To give all what they have as professionals towards the one and only cause of the company's existence which is the creation of satisfied customers. The company products are distributed to Dealers throughout the country and through direct sales to end users. Their customers in both the above channels,enjoy the services offered by the company and the innovative customized solutions that help achieve the financial targets of their business. MICROMEDIA has a Department for Software Development and creation of solutions for Customer specific requirements. The target of this department is to keep customers at the edge of relevant technological developments for the benefit and ultimate profitability of their business.
    The Strategic Priority of MICROMEDIA as a new company in a very competitive market is the creation of Satisfied and Happy Customers,which in turn will be the free lance ambassadors of the company by continuously introducing new
    customers,resulting in to an ever increasing customer base.
    They asked me to design a simple and strong branding so I chose to use mostly typography in black & white and give attention to details. For the website, along with black & white I used a light blue as a secondary color.
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