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A quick and dirty booklet thrown together by The Michelberger studio for the Berlin Bar Convent Oct, 2012
Here's a totally other side break from typography for you - The Michelberger recently held a stall at Berlin's Bar Convent, and in the name all good things alcoholic and colourful Uli and I were set to work making a booklet to display the hotel and co's excellent spirits. After a summer in Berlin I know first hand that half of these things will take you to mysterious places, so after being told to make it quick we were off with worlds of mountains and jewel heists and, for once in my craft life, no hacked fingers.

So here is the cover and my layouts (as Uli's are another level) from the booklet, some shots from the convention itself and also some process pictures. If I could find a reason to make 400 more of those cocktails I would!

Photo's thanks to Anja, and the booklet layout and photography is all Uli and Azar's pro hand, I was in the background getting the studio high with a hot glue gun (as good interns should).