Michael Jackson - Dot-to-Dot Transformation

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  • The Life of Michael Jackson
  • This limited edition A3 print (11.7 x 16.5 in) lets you create a unique art piece that shows the transformation of the Michael Jackson from child to man. You will receive the print with just the dots and numbers. All you need is a pen, the ability to count numbers and a steady hand to draw.

    It is one of the most remarkable transformations of an individual in history and I can think of no one better to launch my latest transformation series of dot-to-dot drawings with.

    This limited edition print of 50 contains 960 numbered dots that I have precisely positioned. The first 335 dots create an image of the young Jackson and when the remaining dots are joined up it reveals the modern version of Jackson before his untimely death. I recommend using two differently coloured pens so that you can still see both versions when looking up close.

    It takes about an hour to complete. The dots are colour coded into groups of 100, so they are easy to keep track of.

    All prints will be individually numbered and titled with a certificate of authenticity, packaged flat in a protective 
    film inside of a rigid envelope. I do not sign the works myself - part of the experience is that you will complete my autograph for me when you complete the final few dots. I am offering a limited edition of 50 - there will be no more of this version if they sell out, but there are new works to come in my transformation series.

    To buy a print, visit www.shop.thomasmakesstuff.com
  • The first line is drawn. The dots are colour coded in sets of 100 to make them easier to find.
  • This is after the first 100 dots or so. All up it takes about 40 minutes to complete the piece.
  • Some delicious refreshments are a must!
  • I didn't tell my friends what they were going to be created. There were many guesses from Beethoven to James Brown. Lucie correctly guessed Michael Jackson early on, but didn't get much support from the others.
  • This is the completion of part 1 - Michael Jackson as a child.
  • At this point we change pens to blue.
  • My friends found it to be quite addictive. At this point they were quite confused by the journey I was taking them on. Still not 100% confident who it is.
  • After completing the mouth, they all knew who it was and the penny dropped that the boy at the start was a young Michael Jackson.
  • The start of my signature.
  • I like that both versions are still visible close up, but from a distance they both merge together.
  • The first of 50 limited edition prints given to my very good friend Lydia.
  • I'm really keen to get your feedback on this piece.