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  • MIM is a uniq publication
    sets of letters for whose common denominator is the theory
    of temperament by Hans Eysenck

    Inspired by the Brazilian soap operas. Extremely colored emotion. Editorially designed in the dialogue of contrast based on the spatial form.The main means of expression paper and other materials.
  • extraversion/ Amanda O
    main charakter (actress Natalia Oreiro) is full of life, optimist,open;
    multicolored label where text is a part of her biography and
    open envelope interprets these features
  • introversion/ Mar de Amor
     main character is Fisherwoman, experienced through life. She's secretive, gentle, emotional; envelope can't be fully open; interior materials refers to the maritime nature of television series
  • neuroticism/ Amanda O
     in the series, there's a bad character, unsociable, mentally unstable; to get to neurotic, we have to tear envelope
  • psychoticism/ Mar de Amor
    irritable, changeable, impulsive, explosive; it's impossible to get inside;
    therefore lettering is sharp, elongated, illogically merged swear-words form unreadable pattern of thoughts
  •  covers stylized for envelopes / made from kraft & waxed paper