Mi (2009)

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  • Mi is short for 'Museu Interactivo', a prototype interface designed to allow users to browse and sample a museum's catalog. It was developed at the University of Porto Multimedia MSc, and demonstrated at the College of Engineering Museum.

    The prototype consists of a dual screen Flash interface (built in Actionscript 2.0), which fetches XML data from a MySQL database via an Apache webserver and a set of PHP scripts. One screen acts as a viewe while the other acts as the main interface (in our prototype we set up a rear projection on a windowpane, unfortunately we didn't have access to Displax technology to transform that into a touch interface).

    There's a web-based simulator with an altogether different sample collection. 
  • FEUP (College of Engineering) Museum
    The first prototype allows visitors to browser a catalog of some of the college's antique Physics demonstrations.
  • Modern Art
    A new prototype, submitted to the ZON Multimedia Awards, has a new sample collection and extended features, such as additional information screens.
  • Interface design: Mariana Figueiredo, Manuel Almeida.
    Server-side and Flash development: Eduardo Morais.
    Documentation: Marta Leal.
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