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  • The mainidea, that the project aims for, was to create a continous open space in thecenter of the Metropol.
    Byremoving the building's core a visual link between the Boulevard and the parkis assigned.
    Sincethe terms of reference required the hotel to be transformed into a students' dorm,the whole space is devided in two elements:
    One isthe kernel, the public space diffusing from the core of the Metropol. Thisspace is devised as a lane, a pathway bent and planted inside the structure, providingcontinous program and communication.
    Theother part is the space on the left and on the right of the opening, where the students'rooms are placed.
    As theMetropol is located in the center of the city, sorrounded by numerous students'facilities (the University Library, the Technical Science School, The LawSchool, the students' canteen) the aspiration of the project was to create aunique gathering place for all these students.