• Metro transport is a future proposed (privatized) integrated metro system aimed towards business passengers traveling between New Zealand’s primary business hubs. It serves New Zealand’s premiere business route form Auckland to Wellington, which caters for middle to high-income “white-collar” businessman. The idea is for the metro system to be faster, cleaner, more reliable, and more efficient than the current conventional travel modes with a high level of customer service and an exceptional onboard business experience.
    The idea is for passengers who use the metro system during its launch week, to be given a complementary travel wallet, which houses all the necessary info and items needed for an exciting and seamless travel experience. The travel wallet doubles up as an info booklet, as well as housing ones boarding pass, luggage tag, swipe cards, info booklets.
    The visual direction/artwork aims to evoke a sense of speed, seamlessness, direction, class and professionalism. Most of the packaging has an extra dimension of functionality and intricacy to it, (i.e. travel wallet doubling up as an info booklet and a luggage tag that features printed I.D circuitry, giving users the perception that the metro system is innovative and most importantly well thought out