Metro horizontal Brochure

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  • Metro horizontal brochure
    This is a template of a modern and clean 36 Page DIN A5 (210 × 148 mm) horizontal format brochure. It is much cheaper to produce than a DIN A4 brochure, but it has nearly the same attention. The brochure is focused by design on CI, the main usage is for sale. It is designed very clean to show a big potential of competence. It is without any crazy designerstuff to enlarge the seriosity. There are no sinnless empty spaces, information is focussed. The brochure is very flexible, you can build with this template a 8 page brochure or even a 52 page one, I have made plenty of ideas on the pages to inspire you. You can also choose between 4 differnt cover options. The iconsymbols are free dingbatsfont, you can choose any dingbats font which matches to your theme. Free dingbatfonts are on hundreds of free fontsites in the www for free download and free using.
    You can download this template at