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Fliers designed for education etc.
Messages on a wall
The type design poster was commissioned by my design college for a competition/workshop on typography for the students. This one found its way onto the College calendar for the year as well.
Commissioned by University College London (UCL), these two variations of the poster depict the multi-cultural student body being guided by the University's equally multi-cultural and vastly experienced body of professors. The below poster was primarily selected and has been used across the UCL campus.
The brief for this particular poster was simple - Portray all the elements that shall be part of the event itself while staying true to the central theme of having fun through dance / salsa. 

The integral design element then is the swish cut lines inspired by several manga comics that use 'swish' boxes to depict movement, often during fight scenes. This method allows us to keep a hold of the poster as a whole, yet ensure that the different pictures work together without becoming disjointed.