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This is the brand I've made for myself as a graphic designer.
Mermelada de Sesos
When three years ago, as a graphic design project for the university, we had to create our own brand, I realized that it was the most difficult project that a graphic designer can face because you will have to deal with your customer more demanding.

The result of this project was "MANDALA".

MANDALA was a brand that encompassed many things that defined me, and was a symbol graphically quite powerful and memorable. But I'm not just MANDALA. With this symbol as geometric and static, my personality was hidden.

After completing my studies, I was in a new stage and for that, I needed a new design that not only communicate that as a designer I only know how to use vector tools, so I realized I should make a powerful symbol. I wanted to convey various aspects of my personality and try to avoid that my CV was going to stop the pile of "maybe".

Hence the "Mermelada de sesos" (Which means "Brain Jam"). Long had used a personal email account that produced laughter and expressions of surprise on people who I told my address. "Mermelada de Sesos" is the next step in this process of defining myself as a graphic designer.