Meridian Park / 10 Design

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  • Meridian Park

    Architects: 10 Design
    Location: Istambul, Turkey
    Year: 2013 Design 
    Team: Scott Findley, Lukasz Wawrzenczyk, Frisly Colop Morales     
    Site Area: 37,831.00 m2 
    Buildable Area: 30,511.00 m2

    The Meridian Park is a unique Public Green Open Space Amenity situated central within an urban context to conveniently serve a growing population of local residents , a mixed use office workers, educational facilities, and the Istanbul urban café & culture life style.
    Outdoor recreational, facilities , cultural and heritage oriented amenities, and the unique urban ‘green living room’ at its heart will enhance, enrich, and elevate the quality of lives of those who seek its serene and inspired gardens and cafes.