• Merchild Land
    By Sylvia Ramsey
  • Merchild Land is a delightful children's story that will keep both child and adult captivated with its lovely lyrical verse. This is a perfect bedtime story that will send you little one off to the land of mermaids, merchildren and all the wonders under the sea until evening. As the shadows fall, and it is time for bed the children dream of flying high above the mermaids' ocean home, sailing the sky's misty sea above the waves' highest dome on a boat of golden sails, and silvery wings. They visit strange lands as they ride the waves of the Milky Way , talk to the man in the moon, and dine with kings sailing the whole night through.

    Your child will delight in the magical and whimsical world where anything is possible. It is a positive and wonderful book for children and people of all ages. What a fantastic gift to give to someone you care about, or to a school or library. It is sure to bring continuous smiles for years to come!
  • The proceeds of this book are given to
    The American Bladder Cancer Society