Mercedes-Benz Viano - Narnia Special 2008

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  • Mercedes-Benz & Walt Disney
    The Chronicles of Narnia
  • We were asked to create something that families could explore and share together, a fantastic imaginary world filled with colour and adventure, with glimpses of Mercedes-Benz cleverly sewn in. It had to be the ‘web wide world of Mercedes-Benz and Disney’, to promote the Viano family MPV and The Chronicles of Narnia.

    All artwork including 3D models and animation was (re-)created from scratch, as there's been almost no assets.
  • Creative Direction: Dirk Ollmann
    Art Direction: Alexander Meinhardt
    Design: Wolfgang Schröder, Thorsten Binder, Christina Metzler
    3D Modeling: Electric Umbrella
    Sound Design: Michael Damare
    Showreel: David Aufdembrinke