• Mercedes-Benz Türk
  • Mercedes-Benz Türk’s campaign illustration by IC4DESIGN.

    It’s for signs, posters, advertisings, WEB, and so on.
    Taksim square, Galata tower, Mosque, skyscraper, sea, etc... 
    - Istanbul city sights are included in this illustration.
    You can find hundreds of charming characters and so many precious moments and stories within.
    Of course, all cars are Mercedes-Benz.

  • Scenes :
  • Busy place.
  • Shooting now.
  • New car arrived.
  • Under construction ...Watch out!
  • Thief is comming to get a treasure...
  • Processes : 
    Thumbnails, Rough-skeches, Real-line, and Color.
  • WEB :
    Campaign Website ( Turkish )
    Mercedes-Benz Türk “Farkında mısınız?” : http://bit.ly/FarkindamisinizPC
  • *Does anyone see this ad in istanbul? If possible, Could you please take a photo & send us?