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  • Mera Melkbokke
    Brief: The client, Pieter Elmo, requested a renewed brandidentity for his range of homemade goat milk cheese. The project consists of a renewed logo andstationary, an in store promotion item, and three different packaging methodsfor the different kinds of cheese.

    Concept: As the client is a pensioner, the cheese ispromoted as a product made by the buyer’s grandparents. This leads to aconnotation of sentiment and nostalgia that is being depicted by the image of adoily. This brand is in an exclusive range of homemade products and is thusbeing sold as such.

  • Packaging
  • Round cheese box made with 300g Fabriano
  • Sticker packaging
  • Wax wrap and fabriano sleeve
  • Corporate Identity 
  • Letterhead
  • Ordering Form
  • Envelope: Front & Back
  • Business Card: Front & Back
  • Brochure
  • Promotional Apron with brochure