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  • Lately i've been exploring the esthetic world of Memphis Group, the legendary italian design collective. Memphis Group was founded in Milan, 1980 by Ettore Sottsass and disbanded in 1988 with his way out. Sottsass had completed its purpose, to contrast with a very aggressive style the minimalist design of that time.

    Memphis is a style known for its bold system of signs, inspired from such movements as Art Deco, Pop Art,
    the 1950s Kitsch and futuristic themes, compound with powerful shapes and strong colors.
    Memphis was born as a reaction to the prevailing modernism of the 70's.
    The Memphis Group had revolutionized our way of thinking and our tastes, they had been the inspiration
    to many designers and stylists in the following decades.
    The used poor materials such as glass and plastic laminates, geometric textures and decorations,
    all aimed to generate optimism and to celebrate the banality of the mass production culture.

    My goal and my personal challenge is to pick up threads of this wonderful way of thinking and language,
    to interpret these elements and create a new expression with the same energy that had driven the Memphis Group minds: Humor and Optimism.

    Therefore i've created a series of four posters, inspired by Memphis and dedicated to several figures who
    had left an imprint on our lives through their ideas and their brave-altruistic approach.
    Ettore Sottsass, Charles Eames, Italo Calvino or Laika (the first animal on space).
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