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A collection of sea stories from the memories of Hythe Marina residents.
‘Memories of the sea’ aims to capture ways of the past, and then present them within a modern context. Traditional methods of sign painting have inspired the aesthetic style of my work, referencing the lost art of hand painted typography on boats. The concept for my project is to use this aesthetic style to present people’s memories and stories about the sea. Therefore, I chose to put on an exhibition in my local area (Hythe Marina) so that the people who contributed stories could come along and see the final outcome, and reminisce with old friends.

Each sign has been hand painted by myself and the array of typefaces are inspired by the diverse nature of signage, therefore to reflect this, the sizing and scale also vary from piece to piece. 
Nostalgia is another key element of the project, and this idea is conveyed through the telling of stories and past memories, whilst the visual styling reflects traditional methods of design from the past.
As well as the work produced for the actual exhibition display, I have also produced a 68 page book, perfect-bound by hand with a screen-printed cover. The content includes the full stories from which some of the quotes are taken, each story having been written and submitted to me by the residents of Hythe Marina. This book contains five short stories and a series of my own photographs. These images focus on the marina area itself, to capture the maritime atmosphere of the surroundings. All of these images were shot on 35mm film with a Nikon EM, in order to maintain the visual authenticity of the past. The book also contains a synopsis of the exhibition. Including imagery of the work displayed, alongside the marina residents who attended.