Memorial Syndrome

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  • The August Deter Case
    « Aging is essentially a memory operation. However it is the memory that is the depth of human being. » Charles Peguy
    What ?
    A reflection on the operation of the human memory and the way it dysfunction in the case
    of the Alzheimer disorder.
    Why ?
    Memory intrigue us, question us.
    How does it works, what do we keep ?
    On the moment, after ten years, at the end of our life.
    How all that make us individual people, our memories, our words, our actions is kept inside us ?
    And what happens when the disorder interferes and erases our nature ?
    Because the Alzheimer disorder is a real society problem, often scarying but that we badly control.
    We estimate that in 2020, about 2 million people in France will have the Alzheimer disorder.
    How ?
    With an « experimental » editorial project, as on the form as on the graphic content.
    Using graphic design to translate differently this social problem and try to contribuate to take a different look on this issue.
  • Graduation Project.
    Printed by Yann Launay
    Binding by Atelier Houdart