• Memoria
    way more than just a coffee table
  • Memories are our way of holding onto the things we love, the things we are, the things we don't want to loose! Memoria is a coffee'table that works as a memory keeper and allow us to re-open a little box of our lives at every move. Its interior is divided into small compartments; its top is made of a slide puzzle , turning the act of re-discovering our private memories into a game of putting the slots in or out of order. One "fake" slot allows the image to be completed and the memories locked safely inside. Full of metaphors and emotions, Memoria is a piece to be explored, arranged, shuffled, shared or kept in privacy, as the owner of the memories please. Because the best memories are the ones we find randomly.

    "Every man's memory is his private literature." 

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  • Memória

    “A memória de cada um é sua própria coletânea literária.”

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