Melvins' Bullhead Typography

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  • BULLHEAD is the 1991 album by the Aberdeen, Seattle based sludge band Melvins. This album is one of the fans' favourite (also one of mine), and maybe (in my opinion) the first where the style thatcharacterized them later appears with a strength of... a fucking bull. 
    8 tracks. 35 minutes. Pure power and sublime sound.

    This work is simply explained: these songs inspire me. First of all, all titles are damn cool: so I decided to mix my passion for typography and the titles of the songs. The result is not necessary evocating the specific track: it's just for experimenting.
    The second part of the project is instead directly inspired by emotions and feelings the songs give me. Obviously, it's a subjective matter: that's what I feel and see. 


    1 - Boris
    2 - Anaconda
    3 - Ligature
    4 - It's Shoved
    5 - Zodiac
    6 - If I had an Exorcism
    7 - Your Blessened
    8 - Cow
  • 1 - Boris

    The longest track in the beginning, a rotten, sludge and harmful song. 8 minutes of biting up asses. I just wanted to catch the image of "sludge", something full of cracks, of mold, something that collapses on your face.
  • 2 - Anaconda

    It's a furious track, singed almost panting by Buzzo. In my mind, it represents a great fire, burning and blazing a huge forest, with a crackling noise on the background. The riff is just fire to me.
  • 3 - Ligature

    A strange one, this song: slow and in a certain way unstable, just like a cloudy sky, while a terrible storm is approaching. 
  • 4 - It's Shoved

    Can I say "the most pop"? Anyway, a great fast track, a kinda desert rock sound (so, desert) with a sludge energy (a sand storm), with a great drum bit that is craking like thunders. In three words: desert thunder-sandstorm.
  • 5 - Zodiac

    If you haven't caught it yet, this song is a fuckin' hammer. A complicated but straight blastbit in the beginning, a fury in the second section, the sound bits up the anvil from the start till the end.
  • 6 - If I had an Exorcism

    Starting from the title, this song is the most creepy and "scary". I see a nocturne landscape, a moon red as blood, and millions of bats flying around!
  • 7 - Your Blessened

    My favourite track. It charges and grows, with some slow and fast, and reminds me a sea storm, with giant waves and wind...
  • 8 - Cow

    It's the last track, and in my opinion it's the most particular: it ends with several minutes of drum solo by Dale Crover, just like... a bull in a rodeo, that stomps and stomps and stomps...
    And, c'mon, it's funny that the last song from BULLhead is called COW :)
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  • Everything made by me, with love and sweat! 
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