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  • MelanO is a Dutch brand of contemporary jewellery. MelanO offers a wide variety of interchangeable coloured elements in its jewellery. This interchangeability gives each piece its own unique character, and allows you to adapt it to suit your mood and look.

    The products shown are available in a number of variations and types of plating.
  • Assignment :

    Jewellery company MelanO BV. is a fast growing business in it’s fields. Therefore it needed to research on developing a stragestic marketing plan. This combined with a strong concept to put there new bussiness appearance on the market. It was important that the concept ideas, combined with the marketing plan, where separated into three different stages.

    The first one was rebrand the total package including a slogan and retouching all items. The second one was B2B comunication including multiple brochures to let selling points know what MelanO stands for.  The third one was to create a awareness with consumers by advertisements and social media. The last one was done by creating a sort  metaphor into the advertisement image. Remember the whole not one part.
  • General Rebrand :
  • B2B Concept :
  • Consumer Image :
  • This whole project has been done over a term of 8 months. The results put into use on the market are set to be used on a term of 2 years 2011/2012.

    . Concept Development : Studio T i i i m  -  Timothy Gerdingh
    . Company Awareness Concept : Studio T i i i m  -  Timothy Gerdingh
    . Rebrand Identity : Studio T i i i m - Timothy Gerdingh
    . Marketing Research : Wasabi Communications  -  Ferdaous Azghiri, Kelly Gielen, Jackie van Kimmenade,
      Jalila Laouaji, Joyce van den Oet laar, Nickee Poels, Elke Portheine, Diederik Vos, Laura Westhovens