Megatrend Documentation 2012

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    graphic concept, art direction and informationdesign for zukunftsinstitut, 2012
    with lots of help by: ksenia pogorelova (information design intern), christof lanzinger (research)
    photography: melanie kraxner
    Megatrends are long-term change processes which have an enormous impact on transformations within a society. Therefore they cannot be considered as a temporary phenomenon. The megatrend documentation presents the eleven, most important megatrends of our time. A booklet for each megatrend contains information based on real data and is supplemented by well-grounded infographics. The poster of the megatrend-map was designed in form of an underground plan in order to interlink various megatrends. This should reflect the complexity and variety of factors which act in the context of a megatrend. This documentation also subserves as a tool-box for companies in their strategic reorientation processes and offers the possibility to expand it with individual supplements using a matrix system.
    our "monitoring wall" to keep track of all the different information graphics and all the other bits and pieces.
    this is the way it looked when we were done.
    thank you for viewing