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Meet the Founder and Designer behind Blu Bathworks, Michael Gottschalk
Michael Gottschalk, Creative Designer and Founder of BLU Bathworks

      Canadian-born Michael Gottschalk has travelled the globe for almost 20 yearsdesigning projects for his award-winning international design practice. Using hiseducation in architecture & landscape architecture combined with a great eye for design, he realized his vision by founding BLU Bathworks in 2006, offering highquality, modern bathware at affordable prices.

BLU Bathworks was born out of frustration when Gottschalk found there was a lackof European-inspired, modern bathroom fixtures & fittings at attainable prices forhis projects. He decided it was time to produce something that did not compromisetaste and style by offering attractively priced, architectural bathware balancing formand function.

Part of his vision for the brand’s growth has been achieved with the opening of aninteractive studio space in the heart of Vancouver’s design community, to showcasethe design process of BLU Bathworks’ products. ‘The dynamic curated space givesus the opportunity to engage with the architecture and design community, as wellas consumers becoming part of the process to evolve our products; like a center fordesign intelligence,’ explains Gottschalk.

Collaborating with established designers and manufacturers in Europe has allowedinnovative BLU concepts to very quickly reach a high level in both aesthetics anddesign structure. Influenced by shapes, textures and materials from around theworld, Gottschalk is able to marry these unique concepts with a practical designstyle that works for the end user. ‘I tend to file and compile things I see in myhead – like a mental melting pot of ideas. Understanding how an Italian sofa canbe translated into a bathtub. Or adding an embossed detail to the surface ofour blu•stoneTM products inspired by a Balinese woodcarving, the piece instantlybecomes spectacular,’ he explains.

A unique base material developed by Michael is Blu’s signature eco-friendly,blu•stoneTM, discovered and refined from Japanese injection molded materials.Durable like stone, any texture or color can be conceived and molded to makestunning forms and shapes - including Gottschalk’s recently awarded blackembossed blu•stoneTM bathtub for Innovative Design.
With little production wastage, the material is anti-microbial, non-porous and lastsa lifetime. ‘Being able to create these dramatic designs, with much less impact onthe environment than traditional bathware products is a great source of pride forour brand.’

Blu Bathworks is the designers’ choice – designed by a designer and specifiedworldwide.
Luxury Spa Hotel:
Abaca Boutique Resort, Mactan Island, Phillipines

Luxury Lodge & Resort:
Black Rock Oceanfront Resort, Ucluelet, BC, Canada

Boutique Accommodation:
The Keefer Suites, Vancouver, BC, Canada