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  • photo/styling: Diane Jong
    model: Amelia Aye (LA Models)
    makeup/hair: Sherri Celis

    I'm a spontaneous person, and following my whims tends to lead to creative serendipity, so I did not have a plan for this shoot, which was booked just the day before. For location, I decided to check out a place I'd recently learned about: Soka University. Though we arrived with no expectations, the majesty of the campus' austere white marble and sharply delineated shadows moved us to seek balance with our surroundings. I began to notice the harmony between complementary oppositions: light and shadow, flesh and stone, motion and quiescence. Hence, while Amelia is depicted assuming earthbound forms, there is minimal interaction in her vicinity, rather, she is facing skyward as if meditating within. The set is a mere contemplation of the zen and impermanence of that afternoon. Later, I discovered that Soka University was founded by a Buddhist organization. Seemed especially fitting.