Medielink corporate brochure is upside down

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  • MedieLink corporate brochure is upside down
    Bringing together the expertise in personal and business audio and vision from MedieLink
  • For our client, MedieLink, it was important to somehow show the different services they have in audio and vision. Targeting both the personal and the business audience they needed to diffirenciate between the two and had already done so in their awesome showroom using black for business and bright red for personal. 
    What we came up with was a brochure you could read from both ends so the two areas would have to be upside down. Not a new idea but we think we made it look really good. Keeping the same design and style but in different colors. 
    MedieLink now has only one corporate brochure and that will work beautifully because as you might now, studies show that modern society are blending business with personal life like never before.