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  • The identity of Medevco is based on the bee, not because they have a queen, or even that they like the band Queen, but because they embody the work ethics and commitment of a bee colony (don’t worry it doesn’t sting).
    We manipulated geometric shapes and hexagonal representations to develop the logo and brand the company. Medevco is a leader in heavy machinery equipment in the Middle East and is an authorized dealer of Hino, Compare, New Holland and Bomang. Medevco is a company whose core values reflect the bee colony, hard work and collaboration.
    The identity of Medevco is based on the iconic nature of the bee, which emphasizes the idea of royalty. The bee is also hard working, highlighting the industrious nature of Medevco and their cooperative teamwork model. Finally, Medevco insists on top quality work with the BEE showing order and diligence. In Mediterranean cultures, the bee is a symbol of bravery, restoring harmony to a sometimes-chaotic world.