Medallions - Zofia Nałkowska

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  •  Medallions / Medaliony short documentary stories by the Polish author Zofia Nałkowska
    -School project for Editorial Design classes at Department of Graphic Design,
    Białystok Technical University (Poland) during 5th semester of Bachelor's Degree
    tudies in 2010. Creation of books cover series for each of 6 short stories and one
    whole "Profesor Spanner" by the Polish writer Zofia Nałkowska. 

    The book was originally published in 1946, soon after the end of the World War II.
    In it, Nałkowska calmly related selected stories of Nazi atrocities in Poland and
    he fates of their victims. Nałkowska was a member of a special committee for
    the investigation of Nazi crimes in Poland, therefore she had learned facts directly
    from the victims and witnesses. More info at Wikipedia and
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