Meatshop Menswear Packaging

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  • Illustration by Victor Wong.

    Packaging design for menswear, created with an artisan butchery aesthetic in mind. Multiple prototypes use box board and butcher paper to wrap shirts, socks, and underwear.
  • Each product’s package has a brief description on the outside, along with unique and whimsical suggestions for post-consumer application on the inside – anything from a paper airplane to superhero disguise.
    Elements on the front face are die cut to reveal product color and texture underneath.
  • Underwear packaging
  • Box packaging can be used as part of a Meatshop-themed disguise. Become the meaty hero you've always wanted to be!
  • Sock packaging
  • Post-consumer applications include memo, and paper cut-inflicting device. Use wisely.
  • Shirt packaging
  • Shirt packaging can be reused as a paper airplane, with which to deliver a positive message to an equally manly man.
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