Meanjin #70 (Cover illustration & section dividers)

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  • When former Meajin editor Sophie Cunningham and art director Stuart Geddes approached my agent with the idea of offering me the cover for the 70th (Number 1) edition of this prestigious Australian literary journal I couldn't help but wonder if they were being serious. Fortunately for me, they were, and the result was a series of illustrations in which I intended to tell a bizarre sci-fi soap opera involving a nine year old android from outer space, his Earthling family and a deranged scientist trying to discover for himself all the young visitor's secrets.
    Each two-coloured illustration works a a section divider (Newsreel, Interview, etc.) as well as a panel the story I wanted to, at least, insinuate. Last illustration at the bottom was my original proposal for the cover but it was eventually dropped as Sophie and Stuart thought wouldn't cause as much impact as the one that finally made it.
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