McDonalds Paper Bag Tray Mat

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  • To bring home the McDonald's experience we created beautiful McDelivery paper bags. Although simple, these paper bags once opened up turned into lovely tray mats. Each paper bag on opening up revealed a different design, allowing you to enjoy your favourite McDonald's food on an intricate tray mat. From McChicken to Happy Meals and from the McVeggie to Maharaja Mac, the McDelivery paper bag truly brought the McDonald's experience to your doorstep making McDelivery simple, easy and enjoyable, even at home.

    Concept Of The McDonalds McDelivery Paper Bag

  • MaharajaMac
  • Closed MaharajaMac Paper Bag
  • Open MaharajaMac Paper Bag
  • MaharajaMac Paper Bag Tray Mat is designed to resemble a tablecloth detailed with intricate indian miniature paintings representing the MaharajaMac Meal.
  • McChicken
  • Closed McChicken Paper Bag
  • Open McChicken Paper Bag
  • McChicken Paper Bag Tray Mat is designed to resemble an embroidered tablecloth with details about the McChicken Meal.
  • HappyMeal
  •  Closed HappyMeal Paper Bag
  •  Open HappyMeal Paper Bag
  • HappyMeal Paper Bag Tray Mat resembles a patchwork style tablecloth which is designed to be a board game for kids with details about how to build a HappyMeal. Each bag holds a pack of cards.
  • McVeggie
  • Closed McVeggie Paper Bag
  • Open McVeggie Paper Bag
  • McVeggie Paper Bag Tray Mat is designed as a tablecloth detailed with an intricate cross stitch design representing the McVeggie Meal.
  • Credits
    Client: Hardcastle Restautrants
    Agency: Leo Burnett, Mumbai
    National Creative Director: K.V Sridhar
    Creative Director-Design: Payal Juthani
    Designers: Nadine Pereira / Zainab Karachiwala
    Illustrators: Prakash Shelke/ Payal Juthani/ Nadine Pereira
    Photographer: Sachin Powle
    Account Supervisor: Samarjit Choudhry
    Account Managers: Nikhil Mohan, Neha Shetty