McDonalds Happy Meal - Happy Sparrows

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  • The sparrow population in Mumbai has decreased mainly due to urbanization and electromagnetic waves from mobile phones.

    McDonalds India aims to educate children on the effect of the decreasing sparrow population and ways to help get them back.

    The book is an instruction manual encouraging children to reuse the special edition happy meal box to build a home for sparrows.
  • Illustrated by Nadine Pereira
  • Credits
    Client: McDonald's
    Agency: Leo Burnett, Mumbai
    National Creative Director: K.V Sridhar
    Executive Creative Director: Nitesh Tiwari
    Creative Director: Vikram Pandey
    Creative Director-Design: Payal Juthani
    Designer: Nadine Pereira
    Illustrators: Payal Juthani / Nadine Pereira
    Art Director: Brijesh Parmar
    Copywriter: Vikram Pandey
    Animator: Krishna Kedar