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An exploration into the question "What if McDonald's had a green menu?".
McDonald's Greenhouse Menu
What if McDonald's has a vegetarian menu?
The problem with McDonald's launching an all-green menu is that
there will be a huge shadow of skepticism from the public as it is
after all, a fast-food chain. So, how do we show that McDonald's is
taking its bite into the healthy pie seriously?

Through an app, people can grow actual plants in a modified greenhouse.
These plants are actually ingredients found in the menu, and once they are
ready for harvesting, they will be made into the menu item and
delivered to the user's doorstep. 

The idea is that the food is as fresh as it gets, because it goes straight
from the farm to you. By helping to grow their own ingredients, users can
better appreciate and understand what goes into the menu. And the personal
meal they get at the end makes it all the sweeter.

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