• McDonald's Chicken Shake Launch Campaign
    Featured in Afisha Magazine as one of the most memoreable campaigns of the decade
    Leo Burnett Moscow was asked to come up with a campaign for McDonald's Russia to launch a new chicken snack called Chicken Shake. The proper way of eating it: open the bag, add some spices, close the bag and shake it properly to spice up the chicken. Its japanese roots (Shaka Shaka Chicken was previously launched in McDonald's Japan) and interactive way of consumption have inspired us to shoot a film that would feel like a perfect fit for Japanese TV – thus breaking the clutter on much less vivid Russian channels.
  • Final keyvisual
  • Print Close ups
  • Earlier poster trials with different objects and colors
  • Just a regular guy we've found on Tokyo streets.
  • Invisible Man has a reason to wear this fancy suit: his transparent stomach is literally stuffed with tasty Chicken Shakes.
  • Reject on X-Factor, Mr. UpsideDownHeadMan finally found his way on TV screens.
  • Space Lady has never experienced shortage of spices – they're always floating at hand's reach thanks to zero-gravity.
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  • This guy is well-known as a master of deadly martial art – hipster kung fu. Rumors say his best student was PSY, until he went nuts in a "horse incident".
  • This panda disguises itself as a human – otherwise they won't let it enter McDonald's family restaurants. But basically it's a panda inside a human inside a panda.
  • When sailors meet the Octopus Girl casually chilling on waves of Pacific Ocean, they always ask her the same question that's already started to annoy her: "Ahoy, gal, where's the local McDonald's?" Good thing her boyfriend is Kraken.
  • This 2D guy has never experienced anything as real as Chicken Shake before he left his 2D hometown in some Japanese province.
  •               One of the early animation trials based on the storyboard. Later during shooting, we decided that having the                           Japanese girl's platform in the middle of the frame and the stairs on two sides will create a better atmosphere.
          Notice the change on the next preview.
  •                Raw keying after first edit on green
  •               Final composition
  • Credits:

    Client: McDonald's Russia
    VP of Marketing and PR: Sergey Dochkin
    Marketing Director: Elena Kovaleva
    Marketing Manager: Maria Broude

    Agency: Leo Burnett Moscow

    Executive Creative Director: Mikhail Kudashkin
    Senior Planner: Anna Malikina
    Head of Art: Selim Ünlüsoy
    Art Director: German Kapitonov
    Copywriter: Ivan Dergachev
    Creative Director of Design Studio: Dmitriy Jakovlev
    Designer: Anna Leushina
    Group Account Director: Oxana Schevchenko
    Account Manager: Eugenia Karpenkova
    Production Group Manager: Oksana Severin
    Agency Producer: Ekaterina Kruchkova

    Production House: Amber

    Chief Producer: Irina Silina
    Director: Gaute Hesthagen
    DOP: Marat Adelshin
    Art Director: Daniil Krivoruchko
    CG-Supervisor:Maxim Chelyadnikov
    Wardrobe Designer: Vasilissa Gusarova
    Soundtrack: Kubrick's Cube
    Singer: Daria Kulikova
    Actors:Nina Li
    Ayaal Koryakin
    Mark Kim
    Nikolai Budanov
    Albert Avanesov
    Ludmila Burdova
    Daria Seliverstova
    Julia Ivanova

    Media Agency: OMD
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